Design Firms

  • We have more than 1000 of the most creative and academically gifted design students in the country. Our programs in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Industrial Design have all been ranked among the best in the country by Design Intelligence.
  • If you anticipate staffing needs for 2020, our students come to the Career Day with resumes and portfolios in hand ready to meet you and discuss their work.
  • If you do not see the need for new hires in 2020, our Career Day is still an important opportunity to meet younger students that you might want to hire in the future. 
  • You can review our students’ resumes online prior to the event to prearrange interviews with students of particular interest.
  • Our Career Day and Design Expo is an important source of funding to ensure that we continue to feed the profession with top quality graduates.

Design Expo - Manufacturers

  • On Sunday evening, February 23, we host a very nice reception for all of our exhibitors, so you will have the chance to network with leaders in the design community. We expect about 80-100 practitioners from top firms with offices throughout the world.
  • For the Expo on Monday, February 24, expect between 500-1,000 students to visit your booth. Students typically have very little brand awareness within the industry. The Expo is the perfect chance to make a good first impression that will likely stay with the students throughout their career.
  • You will be showing your support for Virginia Tech and the School of Architecture and helping to ensure we continue to supply the industry with future leaders.