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Submit Resumes for firms to view; must be in PDF format, no more than 2 pages. Please name the file LastnameFirstnameMajor.pdf. Submission deadline is February 22nd by 4pm.

Please do not upload your resume multiple times unless you have changed something. If you have already submitted your resume and have no changes, there is no need to submit again. Thanks!


Upcoming Resume/Portfolio Workshops:

 Alpha Rho Chi - Resume/Portfolio Review with Alumni: February 10th 10:30am Cowgill 300 - members only

Alpha Rho Chi - Career Fair Preperation, Talking to the Recruiter with Steven White: February 11th 5:15pm Cowgill 300 - open to all

AIAS Portfolio Review with AECOM: February 20th 5:30pm Cowgill 300 - members only, food provided


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