CDC began as a one-man firm in 1973. We now employ over 220 professionals and technicians who have extensive and in-depth experience in design, engineering, erection and testing of exterior cladding systems including standard and custom glass-and-aluminum curtain walls and windows, precast concrete, natural stone cladding, brick/masonry cavity wall systems, unitized EIFS, specialty metal panel systems, siding systems, all-glass glazing systems, skylights and cable net glazing systems. CDC offers additional consulting services on all types of roofing and waterproofing systems in conjunction with its façade system consulting contracts. This specialized expertise and depth in a variety of building enclosure systems has enabled us to expand across the U.S.A., with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, New Jersey (Princeton), Washington DC (Leesburg, VA), Boston, New York, New England (Hartford, CT), San Francisco, Colorado and Las Vegas; and to international markets with offices in Montreal Canada, Monterrey Mexico, Manila Philippines, and Taipei Taiwan, Seoul South Korea and Shanghai China.

Company: CDC Curtain Wall Design Consulting

Booth: 25


Interested in: Architecture

Looking for: Interns/Co-Op, Entry-Level, Undergraduate

Firm Representatives: Vicente Montes, Rich Stephenson